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5 Reasons To Stop Waiting And Apply For Your YWAM DTS... TODAY!

Jul 15, 2016 4:51:41 PM

C'mon now, let's all admit it... How many times have we put really GOOD things on hold due to hesitations and fears and the million "what if's" that take over our thoughts, minds and emotions? It's time to put it all aside once and for all and finally take that step God has been challenging you to take for the past few weeks, months or possibly even years.


1. There is NO better time than the present!

The time is now and the moment is right in front of you! There has never been a better time to pursue what God has for you, and to take a leap of faith than in this very moment. God is JEALOUS for us. He wants ALL of us. And He wants us right NOW. 

2. Satan is a super sneaky dude

The longer we wait to move into what God is leading us to, the more we close the door to faith, and open the door to doubt. Satan is sneaky, I tell you! He will slowly (and sometimes quickly) feed on that doubt, multiplying it into anxieties, fear, hesitations and the list goes on. Don't give that guy a foothold! Take action now in trusting God and applying for your DTS, and slam the door of doubt and fear straight in Satan's face!

3. God's crazy-insane-mind-blowing provision

Are you worried about the finances? Are you counting your pennies and seeing that it's just not adding up? Please do not worry... you're definitely not alone in that department. But, do not fear! We have seen story after story of God providing for students from all over the world from all different backgrounds to do their YWAM DTS. From students applying the weekend before their school with an empty bank account, to students flying across the world last minute after feeling led by God, and watching God provide thousands of dollars right in front of their noses! If He has called you, He WILL provide.

4. It most likely won't be written in the clouds

Although anything is possible with God, realistically we probably won't receive a handwritten note in the sky commanding us to apply for our DTS now! (Wouldn't it be nice if it was that simple!?) Quite often God speaks to us through gentle nudging and through placing thoughts and ideas on our hearts and minds. He leads us and directs us on a path He desires for us, but He also wants us to trust Him and have faith. Trust those nudgings, continue to commit it to Him in prayer, and start to take the steps towards what He has for you.

5. It's time to grow and spread your wings

Have there been things you've been battling to overcome? Old habits, old relationships, strongholds, or simply an unhealthy comfortability in just staying where you are? A YWAM DTS will stretch you, grow you, challenge you and ultimately bring you intimately close to God and His passionate love for you. Our YWAM slogan... To know God and make Him known. From first growing closer to Him, to then serving others in growing closer to Him, you will begin to see those old habits slipping quickly into the background as God's love for you and others takes center stage. 


So there you have it! The time is now! The moment is now! Don't allow Satan to sneak in and steal what God wants to start in you and through you, today. It's time to finally take that step and simply apply. God's waiting for you to say yes to Him. You can do it! The Lord has beautiful and miraculous plans waiting for you just around the bend, or just around the click of "submit" on your DTS application.

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