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5 Practical Ways to Unplug and Focus on Jesus Amidst a Busy Season

Aug 21, 2019 5:56:04 PM

To be honest, life can get ahead of me. I can say yes too often, and fill my schedule full of things to do. I often feel my worth lies in how much I get done, but that's entirely false.

Are there seasons where you're just running and running, and you forget to stop and rest?

So this one's for you. I'm going to share with you how you can breathe, rest, and find that Jesus is with you every step of your busy season.

Make Time for Jesus Every Day

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Do you set time apart to sit and read with God, or do you squeeze time in wherever you can, maybe some days forgetting altogether?

Getting up earlier to find more time in your day may seem hard, but will be so valuable to your life. Make a routine, and include Jesus in it. Every day, have a time set for just you and Him. Journal, read, pray. But dedicate time each day.


Leave Your Phone Far Away

This is my #1 BIGGEST distraction! And it’s time we fully give God our undivided attention. So put your phone on silent, leave it on the counter or in a drawer, but put it somewhere completely out of sight to keep you from thinking about it. Going forward with your day, be conscious on how often you are on your phone. Set a limit and stick to it, and be sensitive to when you've been on it too much, and are seeking to social media over the comfort of God.

Find a Quiet Place and Set Your Space!

Pour coffee into your favorite mug, set up your desk/space just how you like it, and clear away the clutter. Creating a space that helps you focus rather than stress you out is majorly important. Maybe it’s a comfy chair, a portion of the dinner table, a picnic bench or your bedroom desk. Set it up and declare it the official rest and focus on Jesus spot!


Journal Out All the Worries

If you’ve got things overwhelming you, swamping your brain, take some time to get it all out. Take a piece of paper and write out all the stresses or thoughts floating around your mind. Then leave them, and move forward, focusing your attention on God. Your thoughts will still be there afterwards to reflect on, and that’s when you give them over to God.

God calls us to leave our problems with Him, and to exchange our burden for is, which is light (Matt. 11:28-30). Ask for His peace in each situation, and accept His strength in places that you are weak.

Bring Jesus Into the Little Moments

We’re busy.. but what about all the in-between moments?

The commute to work, break times, and early in the morning while you’re making breakfast, God wants to join you in all of that! So maybe your commute to your workplace is filled with awesome worship songs to get you pumped, and during breaks you’re reflecting on one bible verse a day, and while you’re making breakfast you’re thinking about how you can love someone intentionally today, like Jesus loves you. He’s with you in the busy-ness, and He loves it!


We're rooting for you in this season, and know that God is working in you throughout it all! 

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