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4 Ways to Partner with YWAM Mazatlan this Giving Tuesday

Nov 8, 2019 2:31:16 PM

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With Thanksgiving coming up soon and the Christmas season fast approaching, we are invited to take the time to pause and reflect on what we're grateful for and what blessings we have experienced over the past year. Globally, we are approaching a day known as Giving Tuesday: a day for people around the world to come together and “give back” by donating to those in need. This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to partner with YWAM Mazatlan to bless the people of Mazatlan, Mexico, and beyond. 

So what does partnering with us look like? YWAM Mazatlan is a living, breathing, multifaceted organization. Rather than having a single cause or goal, we are a number of different ministries created to respond to a number of specific needs. We will do whatever it takes to make an impact, whether that means building homes for families who have never had their own, or sending doctors to those who have never had access to one. We distribute Bibles to those who have never read one, all while training more and more young people to serve in these ministries or pioneer their own.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a 1-day annual event that falls on the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving. This year it is on Tuesday, December 3. Giving Tuesday was created to push back against the consumerism of spending “holidays” like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By participating in this international day of generosity, you are able to express the true spirit of the holidays by choosing to invest in people, not objects. If you decide to partner with us this Giving Tuesday, there are many different ways you can be involved. Below are four different ministries within YWAM Mazatlan to help you focus your giving and decide which changes you are most passionate about seeing. 

1. YWAM Ships Mazatlan


YWAM Mazatlan is in the process of getting our medical brigades literally “off the ground” and into the water. With our newly-renovated ship the M/V Amazing Grace, we are bringing medical and dental care to some of the most isolated villages in Mexico and the Pacific Rim, many of which can only be reached by boat. With your help, we can send out volunteer medical professionals to provide children with prescription glasses, deliver babies for women at risk, and perform simple surgeries that could allow a blind person to see or a deaf person to hear. 

Our desire is not only to bring accessible healthcare, but to also be a catalyst for positive, long-term change in these rural communities. We seek to construct homes and shelters for the needy, provide medical clinics, distribute Bibles, and conduct community development projects. Your donation will help us do whatever it takes to engage these isolated communities, helping to purchase things like medical kits and equipment. It may also help cover the expenses of surgery or help us procure wheelchairs, crutches, and prosthetics. Help us sail to these vulnerable communities and bring the presence of God in a tangible, life-altering way!

2. Homes of Hope


Our leading ministry, Homes of Hope, was created in 2006 in order to provide impoverished families with a safe and functional home. Around 34 million Mexican people currently live in shacks built from materials like plastic and cardboard. Without adequate shelter, children are more likely to develop health problems, drop out of school, or turn to drugs for relief. Homes of Hope focuses on three underprivileged communities here in Mazatlan where many of the people cannot afford to build on their own land. By hosting short-term teams throughout the year, Homes of Hope can coordinate the construction of a house over 3 – 7 days, accomplishing what could take a family 20 years.

This Giving Tuesday, consider bringing your family, congregation, or co-workers down to Mazatlan to build a house for someone in need. Or, if you are unable to come personally, please partner with us today by donating to Homes of Hope and help enable us to continue building a foundation for life for those who need it most.

3. Bibles For Mexico


Just as the Bible has radically transformed mankind throughout history, it also has the power to radically transform each individual. The Bible can bring freedom to the oppressed, heal broken relationships, restore dignity, encourage families, and break the chains of a poverty mindset. Although the word of God belongs to all people and all nations, many have never come in contact with a Bible or do not have one available in their own language. YWAM Mazatlan, in partnership with End Bible Poverty Now, is committed to putting a Bible in the home of every person in Mexico, starting in Mazatlan. Over 40% of our city now has a Bible, but it’s going to take another $240,000 USD to reach the other 60%!

Each contribution, no matter how small, will help us get closer to reaching our goal. A box of Bibles costs just $72, and provides 24 homes with their own copy of the word of God. Beyond donating, you can choose to volunteer your time and come down with a team to help distribute the Bibles on the streets of Mazatlan themselves. No matter how you choose to get involved with Bibles for Mexico, you will be directly assisting in the transformation of Mazatlan and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

4. Build Beyond Capital Campaign


Instrumental to keeping all of these ministries functioning is the missionary training we conduct here on base. At YWAM Mazatlan, we run multiple schools for equipping young people from all over the world with the tools and training they need to make a difference. From our basic Discipleship Training School (DTS) to our School of Justice and Advocacy, each of YWAM Mazatlan’s programs are designed to deepen the student’s relationship with God and teach them how to use their own personal gifts and talents for missions work. 

In order to do that, we have no choice but to expand! We are looking to buy and develop a number of properties right next door to our current location to add to our campus and continue to house and equip our growing number of staff, students, guests, and Homes of Hope teams. Our desire is that thousands would benefit from our missionary training facilities, resulting in an insurmountable global impact. By donating to this campus expansion project, you will help us “Build Beyond” our current capacity and enable us to continue living out our mandate while giving us room to grow.

No matter how you choose to donate this Giving Tuesday, we are thankful for your interest in us and your desire to be involved in all that God is doing here in Mazatlan.

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