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Why a Gap Year Will Make Your Life Better


“What are you doing after high-school!?” - “What college are you going to?” - “What are you going to study?”

...Ever get tired of these questions bombarding every other conversation about your future? Sometimes it feels like we don't get a chance to breath before we move onto the next step of our lives. There aren’t many more important questions than what we’re going to do with our futures. If you’ve ever felt even the slightest bit unsure of what you should do with that future after high-school … you should think about taking a gap year!

Time to think.


Firstly, taking a gap year gives you a chance to think. A lot of the time your post-high-school decisions are heavily influenced by others. Whether it’s great advice from your college adviser, or fulfilling the dreams of success that your parents want for you, it’s really easy to loose sight of what YOU want to do. Taking a gap year could give you an opportunity to slow down and see what you really want in your life.

Get Outside of Your Bubble.


What better way to find something new, or confirm what you already wanted to do, than to get out of your bubble! Getting out of the country and doing something completely different could give you totally new perspective and confirm what you’re already want to do… or reveal a new passion that you never imagined!

Gain Experience Like No Other.


Not only would you have this time and these new perspectives, you’ll also be able to experience something that will set you apart in college or in future jobs. Imagine spending 9 months to a year practicing and mastering that language you spent all that time learning in high-school; what a tool to add to your resume! Employers and really anyone you want to impress in the future will all be looking for what makes you different than everyone else around you. Surprise them! With your knowledge of a foreign language and experience in a different culture or sphere of society, you’ll be sure to stand out.

Do it for who? Do it for you! Take the time to step out of the box and take your future serious. A gap year will either equip and prepare you for college and all that you’ve planed to do, or... it could totally change your life! 
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