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3 New Paths - YWAM DTS

Dec 2, 2013 4:42:00 PM



Before arriving in Mazatlán, Cynthia Cano was working at Car Max. “I wanted a change in my life, to live a life for God,” says Cynthia. And so after hearing about the YWAM DTS in Mazatlán from a new acquaintance, she decided to take the next step and move from her hometown of Mesa, Arizona to Mexico to attend the Sports DTS. 

And because she has a love for sports, she knew this was indeed the right location for her to take those next steps in her relationship with the Lord. Thus far her favorite part has been doing street evangelism when she was able to practically apply what she has learned in class. “It was a really good experience,” says Cynthia with a big smile. Her biggest challenge has been trusting God for finances, but she continues to believe Jeremiah 29:11, knowing and trusting that God has a personal plan for her. Cynthia looks forward to completing the DTS and having the satisfaction that she has fulfilled the commitment and completed the program. After finishing up the DTS, she plans to return to Mesa and work with the kids and youth in her church, excited to invest in their lives.


One of Holly Morris’ goals is to be a missionary in Mexico. And so her love for Mexico and the Latin American culture, in addition to the opportunity to serve in the mission field, has brought Holly here to Mazatlán. A student from Napa, California, Holly truly enjoys the practical work and evangelism of ministry. She enjoyed the outreach trip to Durango, and she also likes visiting one of the local colonias called Loma Bonita to serve. “I really love that,” say Holly. “Getting off base to do ministry.” One of her biggest challenges has been being transparent with others and relying on her new friends for help to get around base. But she holds onto 1 Samuel 3:19 which says, “The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of his words fall to the ground.” Holly knows that nothing is wasted during this unique season of her life. She is not sure of her plans after DTS, but for now she looks forward to outreach and is hoping that it is very impactful.


Judith Ibarra-Bonilla originally came to Mazatlán so her husband could complete a medical internship and she could study graphic design at one of the local universities. But through a series of events, the internship did not work out and she was also unable to attend school. During this time her heart was directed to complete a DTS, and her husband also became a mission builder at the YWAM base. Judith, 23, comes to Mazatlán from her hometown of Ciudad Juarez in northern Mexico where she was studying graphic design at the Universidad Autonomico Ciudad Juarez. Her highlight of the DTS was the outreach trip to Durango in which she had the opportunity to minister to gays and lesbians at a youth prison, one of which accepted Jesus as his Savior and proclaimed that was in fact a man and had been confused. Her challenge during the DTS has been trusting God for finances, but she is excited that God has shown her that she can be who she is and who she was created to be with freedom. Her future plans are to return to Ciudad Juarez in July 2014 to work as a youth pastor with her husband after completing the WISE school. “I don’t want to miss anything that He wants for me.”

MAZ_1230Holly Morris, Judith Ibarra-Bonilla, Cynthia Cano
Do a DTS in Mazatlan 

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