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Journey to the Philippines - YWAM DTS July 2013

Oct 1, 2013 12:28:00 PM

This summer, we welcomed 16 students from all over the world for our July Discipleship Training School (DTS). This July marked our first Media focus YWAM DTS. As the first of July approached, students from New Zealand, Scotland, Colombia, US and here within Mexico arrived to the base. 

The DTS, with two focus areas, Compassion and Media, will join as one group on Outreach to the Philippines in October. The Lecture Phase for the past 3 months included classes on topics like, "Co-Creating with God" with guest speaker Jeff Rogers, "Biblical Worldview" with National YWAM Mexico Director Jose Curiel, "Holy Spirit" with Harmony Brown and "Original Design" with a group from City Central Church in Washington.

The past month the DTS students and leaders seemed to hit a brick wall during this time of the DTS. This specific DTS knew that God had called all of them to the Philippines and were determined that all 23 members of their group would be going together. However, more than half the team, most who were Mexican, did not have all the money they needed for Outreach. One of the things we stand for here at YWAM Mazatlan is sending Mexicans to the nations! We were determined to fight for everyone to go on Outreach. Students tried earning more money by fundraisers, working and doing odd jobs for staff, messaging family and friends, calling those close to them. They turned to God, fasted, prayed and led times of worship. After 2 months of hearing and learning about God's character and nature and how He is a faithful God, they knew God wouldn't give up on his promise to provide.

Last week was the deadline for all of the student's money to be in. Together, the group still needed around $23,000.00 US dollars.

The September DTS just arrived over the weekend, filling up our base with 25 more students. It was their first day of DTS and we had a corporate time of worship on base, like we do every Monday. We joined on the patio together and an offering was taken up for the students of the July DTS who still needed money. We prayed and asked God if He was telling us to give and how much, people began to leave the tiles their feet stood on, make their way up to their rooms, bringing back handfuls of cash or paper with written pledges and placed it into the hands of those who were in need. After adding it all up, over $5,000.00 US dollars was given.
Two more students were able to pay off their balance for the Philippines and several others were given amounts to lower their numbers. It was encouraging to see the students shout and rejoice with their friends, even those who still needed money had such joy for those who had their outreaches paid off.

Miguel, a student on the Media DTS with an incredible talent for graphic design and an eye for great shots, was one of the students whose complete outreach was paid off during worship on Monday, "I couldn't believe it, at first I was like, 'what?' then I was like, 'no way!'"

Later Monday afternoon, one more student, known as "Chuy", from Mazatlan, received over $2,000 US dollars to pay off his outreach to the Philippines! And the rest of the week, money kept coming in for more to be able to go on outreach!

"I feel like it was a time of strengthening our faith. I felt like it was a waiting game. It was nerve-wrecking. I knew it was going to happen, but i didn't know how or when. And then afterwards, I was impressed by the provision of God." - Kara Hart, July Media DTS

"I'm super excited about media and to see how God can use us to impact the world." - Jackie Booher, July Media DTS

The July DTS leaves Wednesday, October 2, with a group of 18 to the Philippines! You can like the Outreach Team's Facebook Page: for photos from outreach and updates on their stories from the Philippines!

September DTS Philippines Outreach 003

Left to right: Cassandra (staff), Claudia, Lisa, Alisha, Michael (staff), Kara, Chuy, Erin, Jackie, Maggie, Nikki, Maria, Dori, Koa, Noah, Ikaika (leaders & their family), Stiven, Miguel.

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