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A Special Blessing for our Staff and Students

Apr 9, 2013 1:02:54 PM

JWN_1907Last year YWAM Mazatlan received a big blessing - a donation was given specifically for the construction of a new staff lounge. Before, we had a room called the "Breezeway" which was used as a hang out room, and because of its location, it was also used as a walk-way to get from the entry of the base to the dining and pool area. So as you can imagine, it was a high-traffic room, with all sorts of people passing through back and forth, sometimes dripping wet as they would run from the pool to the dorms. The idea behind the new lounge was for it to be a beautiful and comfortable place for students and staff to hang out, watch movies, cook, or just relax.

We were also blessed to have a few short-term volunteers at our base, who helped with the construction of the new lounge. After the construction was finished, however, we still needed the funds to furnish and decorate the room. Once again we were blessed to receive a few donations specifically for the final touches, which included furniture, a kitchen area, a TV/dvd player and other items to decorate the room beautifully.


Amber, one of the people who worked on the design/decorating of the lounge had this to say...

"The room theme is "World Bazaar" or "World Market." And the room is actually far from finished. Why? Because our hope was to make it a kind of room that reflects God's love for the nations- completely YWAM style - where everyone is constantly adding to its decor. So if you go on outreach to Peru and see an awesome llama blanket, it could be used as a throw blanket in the lounge, or maybe you'd bring back a painting from Morocco to hang on the wall. We want it to be inclusive and fun, both in use and in decor. Also, send us a postcard from wherever you are now! Because we are going to be clipping up postcards and pictures on our postcard wall."

It has taken some time to complete this project, but as of Friday, we now have a furnished, beautiful and very cool new lounge, which our staff and students are very happy about! Thank you to the special family who gave us the very generous donation for this new lounge. And thank you to all the others who donated towards furnishing and decorating it. And finally, thank you to the staff and volunteers who worked many hours on renovating, planning and decorating this new room... All the thought and care you put into the room shows, and is very appreciated!

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