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Carnaval Outreach

Feb 20, 2013 11:19:23 AM

The theme for this year's Carnaval outreach was "Que exista la Luz" or "Let there be Light." As the light within us shines, we daily move from one glorious experience to another as we watch the Holy Spirit flow miraculously through open hearts. In the streets of Mazatlan directly in front of the YWAM base there were thousands of people from all over the world who came to celebrate Carnaval 2013, renowned for Pacifico Light cerveza and dancing. Several local Mazatlecan churches partnered with almost 200 YWAMers and other teams to bring God's light into areas of darkness through ministering in the streets of Carnaval.

285668_10152750689205001_2086869282_nWe had a free Café, a Hair and Nail Salon, a 24-7 prayer room, booths for healing, prayer, and "spiritual readings" (prophetic words), an outdoor stage for Worship, intercession and flagging teams, and even treasure hunting evangelism teams! Every night each team returned with new stories about God healing miraculously, souls getting saved, and people's lives being changed by the love of God!

carnaval-4blogPersonally, I felt empowered to shine in a way I never before had through sharing prophetic words with some young skateboarders and watching God heal - both spiritually and physically - these young men! Partnering with God by bringing in so many prodigal sons and daughters home is life changing! Amazing stories happen every single day, as the Holy Spirit leads us to a ripe harvest of our beautiful brothers and sisters whom we get the privilege to share with about Gods love, freedom, and the great news of new life in Jesus Christ, the Light!

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