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Jan 18, 2013 4:26:45 PM

About 2 weeks ago, we welcomed 14 new students for our first DTS of the year! Together as a school, we represent Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Australia, and the USA. It's very exciting to have students from different countries, cultures, and age groups. One of the really cool things about this DTS is the emphasis that God has been putting on 'family.' One of the things that shows that is that He led a married couple from Florida here with their children to do the school. Having an actual family here is helpful for us in developing and strengthening our own DTS family. Since the school began, we've seen how no matter if you're older, younger, single, or married, you can come together with others and create a family.

Among our 6 Mexican students we have a married couple from right here in Mazatlán. They pastor a local church as well as partner with our Homes of Hope ministry. Their youngest son is currently on outreach with the previous DTS, and it was through watching how God moved and provided for him that they were inspired to do this DTS. We are blessed to have them with us and are privileged to be able to play a part in equipping them more to the ministries they do locally in their own community.

We are excited for the months to come and are looking forward to being a part of all God is doing in this school!

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