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Nov 13, 2012 4:51:59 AM

trainingRecently, a visiting speaker imparted some words of wisdom to us about the connection between intimacy and impact. The point was that intimacy with God leads to revelation, discipline and passion, and that is what causes us to impact others. People who have intimacy with God, and passion, make better evangelists. So we must have intimacy with God before we can go out and try to impact people or "save the world."

Cassandra Cavin Cassandra Cavin

We feel that this was a word from God because it really spoke to many of us, including Cassandra Cavin, who is leading the January Classic DTS. Cassandra, along with the others who are staffing this DTS, have been seeking God's heart for this school. After spending time in prayer, they felt that the emphasis should be "Intimacy and Impact."

"I'm getting really excited about it," says Cassandra. "The heart behind it is that they would grow in intimacy and really pursue His presence."

The 'Impact' part of this theme is about learning how to impact communities and the people around us. The January Classic DTS staff are planning to do a lot of local outreach. "We want to get involved in Mazatlan, the local churches and ministries, as we focus on how to grow deeper in our relationship with God," said Cassandra.

This DTS is less than two months away, but there is still time to apply and join us here in Mazatlan for this school! If anyone out there is interested in doing this Classic DTS, please contact us at

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