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Oct 11, 2012 6:07:58 AM

This year we started our first Sports DTS, led by Rachel Wiens and Jared Kraubner. The Sports DTS is all about using our God-given passion and the things we like to do (sports!) as a way to reach people for Jesus. It's about strategizing how sports can be used to minister to people and spread the Gospel.

YWAM staffer and Sports DTS grad Kendra Norris on the connection between sports and evangelism:

"Sports is a great entry point, because people all over the world love sports, whether it's playing or watching. So if we start playing soccer in a field, people will come, and this is a simple but awesome way to begin relationships and reach people with the Gospel."
- Kendra Norris, Pennsylvania

Students and staff can also get in shape and have fun as they learn to reach out to people through their love for sports. The school focuses on soccer, volleyball, basketball as well as surfing and skateboarding. In addition to that, students and staff will participate in fitness activities such as walking/hiking, swimming, running, and spinning.

After a few months of prayer, the staff felt that it was God's will for the team to go to Chile and Argentina for the outreach. There they will be working with other YWAM bases that have an emphasis on sports.

One of our Sports DTS students, Josh Lastra, shared these thoughts on this school:

"It's so amazing to see a group of young people be so passionate about sports! But also to see the fire of God in their eyes while playing games, and the love they have for the people that come along and want to join the game!"
- Josh Lastra, Tennessee

If you or anyone you know is interested in doing a Sports DTS, the next one will be in September of 2013. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want more info.

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