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Sep 11, 2012 3:49:14 AM

We have a young man from our Skateboard Ministry named Cesar but every calls him "Chiki." Chiki came to do our summer Teen Internship called Summer of Fire, which gives teenagers a real-life YWAM missions experience for the month of July each year.

One day during our ‘quiet times’ with God we broke up into groups to pray for each other about something that was holding us back from getting closer to God. After praying for everyone in our group, Chiki said that he felt like he needed to do something for God. I asked him what that was. He said, "I feel like we all need to go down to the ocean and get in and let the water wash over us and take away all of our sins." I was stunned for a minute. He was talking about being baptized, but in that moment I realized that Chiki had no grid for anything religious, or churchy, or Godly. He had no real background in Christianity so he didn't even know what the thing he was talking about was called. I asked him if he knew that that was called ‘baptism’. He said, “No.” So I began to explain to him what baptism was and why we do it. And then I asked him if he wanted to get baptized and he said, "Yes."

So, since Pastor Curtis Collins and his team from Vancouver were here building a home, I asked Curtis if he would help me to baptize Chiki at the beach. The next day, Chiki, Curtis Collins, his whole team, the Summer of Fire school and everyone on the base went to Los Pinos beach and we baptized Chiki. Now, as he has been learning to hear God's voice more and has been reading the Bible; Chiki has decided to join us this September for the DTS. God is doing amazing things on our base!

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