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Aug 15, 2012 11:04:28 AM

At the end of July, YWAM Mazatlan staffers and a group from Tacoma Washington embarked on a 3 week outreach to Durango, the mountains of Zacatecas, Culiacán, Apoderado, and Mazatlan.

There were two outreach teams, one who headed to Durango and the mountains, and the other to Culiacán and Apoderado. Both teams planned to reunite in Mazatlan for the final week.

The Durango team had a busy first week partnering in ministry with local churches. We had the opportunity to preach, teach and minister to many people of all ages. We also spent a few days doing prison ministry, and it was amazing to see God touch hearts as we prayed for the prisoners and shared God’s love. A number of inmates came to Christ, and those who already believed were refreshed through the prayer and fellowship.

We also spent time praying for Durango and Mexico, in strategic locations where drug trafficking is common. We prayed against corruption, idolatry and religiosity and we asked God to raise up righteous people in the local police force and other positions of power.

One of the coolest things about our first week in Durango was the Original Design ministry which took place at a couple of the local churches. We got into several small groups and as each person came to us one by one, we asked God to tell us at least 3 things about how He designed that person. This is a ministry that can be life-changing, as people reject the lies they once believed and begin to see themselves in the way God created them to be.

After saying goodbye to the wonderful people in Durango who hosted our team, we got on the road again and headed to the mountains of Zacatecas. The drive was scenic and surprisingly beautiful. When we arrived at the Christian camp we would be staying at, we were greeted by Pastor Lorenzo and several of the indigenous people who live and work there.

Our week in the mountains was quite an adventure. We started each day with a church service at 7 AM, while it was still dark out. After church and a hot breakfast, we began our work day. Our primary task was building small houses on the camp property, but we also had the opportunity to visit neighboring villages where we reached out to the Tepejuano and Huichol people of that area. We also went on a couple very long walks, with some of the indigenous people who live at the camp. We walked to a local church where we preached, prayed for people, did a skit and danced with the local kids.

It was wonderful meeting the people of this area and being in the mountains, surrounded by God’s beauty. We didn’t have electricity that week, and we couldn’t take many showers, but we enjoyed this simple way of life and we look forward to visiting this camp again maybe next year!

After getting back to Mazatlan (and the heat!) the teams got together and began the final week of outreach. The Tacoma group has been busy doing the Original Design ministry at churches here in Mazatlan, as well as teaching and serving here at the base. The team from City Central in Tacoma are truly anointed. It has been a blessing for us YWAM Maz staffers to team up with them to be a part of this exciting ministry.

Thank you to all who were a part of this outreach, and all who supported it! To see more photos, please go to the Ministries Photos page.

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