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Jun 6, 2012 4:59:59 PM

As a staffer of Verano de Fuego, I am really excited for the kids who are deciding to do VdF this year. I'm excited because I know that Verano de Fuego will transform their lives and take them where God wants to have them at this stage in their life. We as staff are praying for those that have the desire to come and have a clear calling, but their parents are not 100% Christian. Some of them don't have the finances to come and that is why we're beginning our fundraising campaign. Right now there are 10 kids applying and many more who are interested in this year's Verano de Fuego. Some of the kids are from Mazatlan, but we have kids from Mexico City, Puebla, Nayarit, the US, and other countries as well.

We have been going to different churches, youth groups and events to promote Verano de Fuego. There are many kids who wanted to do VdF last year but couldn't, and we're happy that some of these kids are applying now, because we know that it's God's calling for them. There are also some kids who did Verano de Fuego last year who are praying about coming back again this year.

Verano de Fuego is 10 days of activites and classes to learn about God. Then there are 2 weeks of outreach, somewhere in Mexico, to put into practice what was learned in the class. Right now we are praying about where to go on outreach, and we will be deciding soon! If you are interested or you know a teenager who may be interested in Verano de Fuego, don't miss this chance to be a part of this life-changing internship. God is waiting for those who say yes!

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