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Jun 6, 2012 5:41:00 AM

On the last weekend of May, two families from Melbourne, Florida partnered with YWAM Mazatlan to build a beautiful home for a family in need. This was the second house-build for one of the families, who came in January with their church and were inspired to come back on their own. The families wanted to come build on their own so their kids could be a part of the experience. So, people of all ages helped build a new house for the Aguilar family - and for the visiting families, their time here in Mazatlan was a "Vacation with a Purpose."

One of the things that made this house-build unique was a special blessing for the son of the Aguilars. Their 7 month old son has a health condition which requires his temperature to be kept down. His body cannot regulate heat. Before, the Aguilar family was living in a small shack made of pieces of wood, with a dirt floor. The intense heat in Mazatlan forced the Aguilars to take their baby to his grandmother's air-conditioned house, where he would spend afternoons to stay cool. This was difficult for Tere Aguilar, because she wanted to be able to take care of her son in her own house.

The visiting families along with YWAM Mazatlan decided to bless the Aguilar family by purchasing and installing a brand new air-conditioner for their new house. This was a first for Homes of Hope - but this one act of generosity was to be life-changing for the Aguilar family. Now they have their son at home in the afternoons, in a house that is safe and comfortable for him and the whole family.

After the 3-day build, the key presentation on Monday was very emotional for Tere as well as the volunteers who built the house. There were many happy tears as the Aguilars entered their new house, and saw that it was filled with gifts, like bunk beds for the kids, items for the baby, and brand new things for their kitchen. This was a day to remember, as they experienced God's love first-hand, through this special gift. The visiting families and staff were also touched and felt very blessed to be able to bless the Aguilars, and be the "hands and feet" of Jesus.

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